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“Never Walk Alonely Planet” guidebooks

I just found out about the Never Walk Alonely Planet series, on my favorite blog about urbanism – The Pop-Up City.

Never Walk Alonely Planet’s aim is to show insiders and visitors of a city not the highlights, but an insider’s view of a city. I haven’t read one yet, but it looks very interesting and definitely “Local Travel”!

According to the Pop-Up City the series shows an insider’s perspective on the social and cultural reality of the city, with attention to daily life, political dimensions, and spatial consequences. The guides are appealing to both born and raised city dwellers and first-time visitors to a city.



It seems so far they have published guides on 2 cities:

BeiroutBeyroutes – initiated by Studio Beirout

Amsterdam – Mokum – a guide to Amsterdam – initiated by Amsterdam 4/5 May Committee

Do you know more guidebooks in this series? Have you read one? Please let us know in the comments!



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