Why Local Travel?

Why Local Travel?

Local Travel connects independent and mindful travellers with local people.

It is a better deal for everyone.

For travellers it’s a chance to get under a place’s skin (and let it under theirs), while also making the most of their travel time and saving money by spending locally.

For host communities, it is vital for enforcing the beneficial qualities of tourism, maximising a general awareness of the local culture and minimising ‘leakage’ from the local economy.

Local Travel Movement

The Local Travel Movement was started by a coalition of people from companies founded on a passion for Local Travel and commitment to Local Travel values.

This Web platform is part of an attempt to rally Local Travel organisations, experts and practitioners. We believe it is an opportunity to promote, develop and establish Local Travel as the best way forward. We expect this space to grow and change as our collective and individual voices find greater strength.

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