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GoMio.com’s new GoDashBoard helps connect travellers to locals

One of the four local travel values that ungird the Local Travel Movement is the importance of connecting with local people. One of the challenges of Local Travel, though, is meeting locals. Fortunately, as I recently wrote, there are a growing number of free Web-based organizations that facilitate these connections. (A good place to start […]

The Local Voices Rally and Tally for Local Travel Experts

Whether you’re a consumer or an entrepreneur, if you’ve got anything more than a pinkie toe dipped into the world of online businesses, you probably marvel as much as we do at the pace of change in that space. It’s like an extra-super-megastore that rearranges the contents of its aisles every day, comes up with […]

10 Reasons the Local Travel Movement is here to stay

(and why we are proud to be a part of it!) 1. Like Slow Food, Slow Travel (aka Local Travel) was created by the curious and passionate, for the curious and passionate. 2. Because a vacation with a ‘local contact experience’ will not just help you compete with the Joneses, but will help you surpass […]

Traveling like a local is the best way to go

After every trip we’ve taken, the most significant memories were those that included the people and the friendships we have created along the way. They’ve given us perspective and even inspired us to create a community of people who share the same passion for traveling and connecting with like-minded locals – Triptrotting. Here is a […]

Responsible Tourism Week 2011: February 14-18, 2011

If the third time’s a charm, then the annual Responsible Tourism Week, taking place online from February 14 to 18, will be even more inspiring than the last two. Billed as an unconventional, online unconference, it is a fun mash-up exploring down-to-earth applications of noble concepts including responsible tourism, the Local Travel Movement and ecotourism […]

Top 10 cities photographed by locals

A link to this interesting set of photos on Flickr titled ‘Locals and Tourists‘ has cropped up in a few places now so you may well have already taken a look, if you haven’t it’s worth a glance. The images are maps of cities around the world that show the location of all photos currently […]

Is local interaction essential for Local Travel?

I recently had friends around for a dinner party. They’re all in the 50-60 age bracket and well travelled, so we talked about an issue raised by the Local Travel Movement. The question I asked them was whether they travelled primarily to meet and interact with local people in the destinations they go to or […]

Scratch the surface to reveal the local touch!

Mynatour is proud to announce a fresh and exciting partnership with the Local Travel Movement. The Local Travel Movement is a web platform promoting a better understanding of what real “local” travel is AND how both the visitor and the local host can get the very best experience from it. Embracing the same approach, Mynatour […]