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Responsible Tourism Week 2012: Planeta hosts global unconference

Fall in love with responsible travel from February 13-19, 2012, as Planeta.com hosts Responsible Tourism Week 2012, the annual, week-long online unconference, an inexpensive way to broaden and deepen conversations about travel and tourism.   2012 is the fourth year for Responsible Tourism Week (read more about the event in 2011 and 2010) and we expect […]

Indigenous People’s Week: August 8 to 12, 2011

Indigenous tourism is the topic of the moment thanks to an innovative and fun ‘unconference’ that is taking place around the globe as part of Indigenous People’s Week, from August 8 to 12, 2011. As the founder of Planeta.com, I’m co-hosting the event with Sweden’s Nutti Sámi Siida. Their Anders Kärrstedt tweeted more than a […]

We suck at collaboration

In early May, 2011, Ron Mader, founder and editor of Planeta.com and 2010 winner of The International Ecotourism Society’s Innovation Award, gave a slideshow presentation at the Responsible Tourism Cities Conference in Durban, South Africa. Entitled Why We Suck at Collaboration, it “addresses failure in many guises, including massive tree failure and online tourism promotion […]

Responsible Tourism Week 2011: February 14-18, 2011

If the third time’s a charm, then the annual Responsible Tourism Week, taking place online from February 14 to 18, will be even more inspiring than the last two. Billed as an unconventional, online unconference, it is a fun mash-up exploring down-to-earth applications of noble concepts including responsible tourism, the Local Travel Movement and ecotourism […]

Planeta.com wins sustainable Tourism Award

It was recently announced one of our active members, Ron Mader from Planeta.com is the winner of  a TIES Innovation Award – recognizing individuals who have demonstrated leadership in innovative actions that effectively promote sustainable tourism and bring tangible benefits to communities and conservation. Congratulations to you Ron, and the other winners!