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How good is the tourism marketing where you live?

Against all expectations in our constantly squabbling tourism industry, a sort of consensus seems to be emerging about how ably the majority of tourism marketing organisations are representing their clients: not really all that well, especially when it comes to today’s swiftly changing travel climate and to representing the interests of local communities and travellers […]

Local Heroes are part of the Local Travel Movement

The idea of Local Heroes is to facilitate contact between travelers and local people and make it easier to go local when we travel. At Nomaders, we believe it is important to let the traveler know from first hand what’s the point of view of someone who lives there, because the best way to become […]

British walkers explore new local hiking path in Turkey

The first British walkers have returned from exploring over 110 kilometres of the Abraham’s Path segment just opened in Turkey. They stayed in homes that have never before welcomed international visitors and followed the path through remote Kurdish and Arabic villages to the oldest religious sites in the world. The 105-mile (170-kilometre) walking route has […]

Why all travel is local… and why conscious hosts will be indigenous

While I also subscribe to the importance of the journey and, where possible, would prefer to travel slowly and savour the transition from the familiar to the unknown, most times I have to fly. Then I stop being a traveler and, instead, become a producer of air passenger miles and carbon; a unit of yield […]

For Earth Day 2012, help commit a ‘Billion Acts of Green’

Since the very first Earth Day on April 22, 1970, over 20 million Americans from all walks of life have contributed to major environmental accomplishments, such as pressuring government leaders for the passage of the Clean Air Act, Clean Water Act, Endangered Species Act and many other groundbreaking environmental laws. Today, the Earth Day Network […]

A response to Get Lost, Go Local: Elham, Chilham and Eden Valley in the United Kingdom

A lot of hype is placed on Local Travel abroad, but there can be just as many rewards to Local Travel… locally. After all, Get lost! Go local! is also a perfect mantra for a “staycation” and how many people can say they have experienced everything their own nation has to offer? Local travel is […]

Authentic alligator in Los Esteros del Iberá, Argentina

My canoe bumped into a floating island, which was a bad thing. Getting too close to an isla flotante meant that the 8-foot caiman alligators on it could step right into my vessel and eviscerate me. I started rowing furiously in the opposite direction, made difficult by the fact that my friend Allison was sitting […]

Bridging the tourist divide in Berlin

In Berlin, two buildings face each other on the Spree River: one is a shiny highrise, its mosaic of metallic colours gleaming on the roadside. It is the new Mercedes Benz building that will be constructed by Caimmo. Across the road from it sits a beach club, called YAAM, with a colourful graffiti-style sign and […]

Five ways to explore Kyiv (Kiev) like a local

Who said that ticking off your guide’s sightseeing suggestions is the ultimate way to see a city? How many of us have gone somewhere just to be tired of the same tour schedule, hordes of tourists with their noisy cameras and a feeling that, even though we flew/drove all this way to our destination, we’ve […]

Five ways to connect with locals while traveling

Most travelers realize in short order that our experiences abroad – and in other unfamiliar territories – are greatly enhanced by spending time with those who know it best, the locals. Whether you stay at their home, spend a weekend with them, or even chat over a beer, you’ll be opening yourself to a more […]