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Local travel suppliers have new direct-sales service through Your Holiday Promotion, free through September

With a view to becoming the largest and most trusted holiday clearinghouse on the web, Your Holiday Promotion, a new service for special travel deals and offers, now connects local travel- and leisure-sector merchants directly with travel agents and independent travelers. Unlike most travel sites, Your Holiday Promotion is not a commission-earning middleman, but a […]

Biking in Chile: Pedaling around a fascinating country

Biking in Chile is discovering a country at your own pace, full of landscapes, architectural and cultural gems. But it is not easy if you don’t have the company of local guides; people, like us,  who love Chile and who have passion for what we do. This is the story of a bike trip around […]

Soria Moria Hotel joins the Local Travel Movement

We are very excited that Soria Moria have partnered up with the Local Travel Movement! The Local Travel Movement is a not for profit platform started by people from companies founded on a passion for Local Travel and commitment to Local Travel values. Why not take a moment to check out their website and read […]

In motion: local transport from around the world

This autumn, The Travel Word team has been thinking a lot about transportation. All too often, tourist transit and local transport are two separate spheres in the same destination. They just don’t intersect. Tourists seek the comfort and convenience of flights, taxis or tourist bus services that have been developed with them in mind, while […]

Green Path Transfers launches global eco-friendly airport transfer service of local operators

Green Path Transfers (GPT) launched today as a global provider of eco-friendly airport and intercity transfers. The newest subsidiary of the WHL Group, GPT answers the needs of leisure and business travellers seeking cost-effective ways to reduce their carbon footprints.

An encouraging read for local travelites: The Lunatic Express by Carl Hoffman

If local travel means putting oneself in the shoes of a local, then travel writer Carl Hoffman has earned status as an expert local travelite with a compelling story to tell. In his latest book, The Lunatic Express: Discovering the World via Its Most Dangerous Buses, Boats, Trains, and Planes, Hoffman relays his round-the-world jaunt […]