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A response to Get Lost, Go Local: Elham, Chilham and Eden Valley in the United Kingdom

A lot of hype is placed on Local Travel abroad, but there can be just as many rewards to Local Travel… locally. After all, Get lost! Go local! is also a perfect mantra for a “staycation” and how many people can say they have experienced everything their own nation has to offer? Local travel is […]

Five ways to explore Kyiv (Kiev) like a local

Who said that ticking off your guide’s sightseeing suggestions is the ultimate way to see a city? How many of us have gone somewhere just to be tired of the same tour schedule, hordes of tourists with their noisy cameras and a feeling that, even though we flew/drove all this way to our destination, we’ve […]

Explore, learn and make a difference: microfinance tours in Vietnam with Bloom Microventures

“So, how do you grow rice in Europe?” asks Ms. Ké, one of our project’s borrowers, during a microfinance tour in Northern Vietnam. Our guests, drinking their welcome tea and sitting on the bare concrete floor of Ms. Ké’s small house, smile: “We don’t grow rice in Denmark.” Ms. Ké is surprised: “What? You don’t […]

Experience Ukraine as a local: comfort foods, bread, grandmas and bazaars

What foods do you know from Ukrainian cuisine? Is it the borshch that first pops up in your head? No doubt, it is the main representative of Ukrainian culinary talents abroad, beside pierogi, or varenyky as they are called here, and vodka or horilka. However, Ukrainian cuisine extends much farther than that! You won’t find […]

Responsible Tourism Week 2012: Planeta hosts global unconference

Fall in love with responsible travel from February 13-19, 2012, as Planeta.com hosts Responsible Tourism Week 2012, the annual, week-long online unconference, an inexpensive way to broaden and deepen conversations about travel and tourism.   2012 is the fourth year for Responsible Tourism Week (read more about the event in 2011 and 2010) and we expect […]

Going local in Chile!

Traditional tourism, sitting on a comfortable bus and taking pictures of the main landmarks of a place can certainly be fun and interesting. But there’s nothing better than going in deeper into the local culture of a destination and exploring off the beaten path. At least that’s what I try to do whenever I travel […]

Soria Moria Hotel joins the Local Travel Movement

We are very excited that Soria Moria have partnered up with the Local Travel Movement! The Local Travel Movement is a not for profit platform started by people from companies founded on a passion for Local Travel and commitment to Local Travel values. Why not take a moment to check out their website and read […]

Visit local to have a better vision of the world – Tour de Chocolate

Partaking in local tourism gives us a concrete and practical approach to better understanding how the various communities around the world evolve. Going local is not always the easiest way to plan a trip because usually it doesn’t come in a package. But the research is worth the effort because it makes us take a […]

Culturezest – share food at your house with visitors

A while ago I found out about a fantastic local travel tool / website called CultureZest. Culturezest is a not for profit website where you can sign up to have a meal at somebody’s house, or invite people at your house. Obviously, sharing food is a great way to experience a new culture and meet […]

Responsible Tourism Week 2011: February 14-18, 2011

If the third time’s a charm, then the annual Responsible Tourism Week, taking place online from February 14 to 18, will be even more inspiring than the last two. Billed as an unconventional, online unconference, it is a fun mash-up exploring down-to-earth applications of noble concepts including responsible tourism, the Local Travel Movement and ecotourism […]