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Local travel suppliers have new direct-sales service through Your Holiday Promotion, free through September

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With a view to becoming the largest and most trusted holiday clearinghouse on the web, Your Holiday Promotion, a new service for special travel deals and offers, now connects local travel- and leisure-sector merchants directly with travel agents and independent travelers.

Unlike most travel sites, Your Holiday Promotion is not a commission-earning middleman, but a true clearinghouse that targets travel agents and the traveling public wishing to shop directly from suppliers. Your Holiday Promotion, is owned and operated by a team of travel professionals from North America and Asia, in partnership with the WHL Group, the largest local-travel company in the world.

The brainchild of Wahid Ghazal, a successful travel professional with more than 30 years of experience, the new company was established in response to the high volume of email traffic from travel service providers blasting out advertising specials. Through Your Holiday Promotions, local merchants can instead display special travel product in a central marketplace where anyone can review their offers, still with no middlemen or transaction fees.

Reaching locals through the WHL Group
Your Holiday Promotion has also joined forces with the WHL Group, the largest local-travel company in the world. Already having worked with Ghazal and his team for many years, the WHL Group jumped at the idea of assisting small local suppliers, an ethic in keeping with everything the WHL Group does, and adding a new channel to market for them.

“Wahid Ghazal and his team have an amazing knowledge of running travel businesses and have always been extremely professional in the way they do things, a level of diligence we know they will bring to Your Holiday Promotion,” remarked Len Cordiner, CEO of the WHL Group. “When they asked if we would like to team up with them on this idea, we liked it so much that we have taken some equity in the company and will work with them as one of the WHL Group companies, providing both technical and marketing support.”

“In our experience in the travel industry, every day we see interesting promotions coming in from local suppliers all around the world,” concluded Ghazal. “These are not the big multinational tour operators and travel wholesalers/retailers who dominate the airwaves, but smaller local providers who, in many cases, are suppliers to the bigger groups but earn very little from them. Your Holiday Promotion offers these local suppliers a chance to sell directly to travelers, without the middlemen, so that you get great deals and they earn a little more themselves. It’s win-win… unless you are one of the large middlemen of course!”

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  1. I am so elated to discover this wonderful portal, which, i hope will save us, the local suppliers, the huddle of competing with multi-national tourism companies.

    Posted by NJOKE TANGWING Christopher | August 15, 2012, 3:24 pm
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    Posted by Peter Philips | July 25, 2013, 8:58 am

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