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Free tours by locals in European cities!

Free Sofia Tour

Residents of some of the most popular cities in the world are happy to share their city with you. But they want it represented correctly of course! So Locals really are giving you their all in introducing their city to its visitors.

We’re introducing United Europe Free tours, which is a network of the best free walking tours throughout Europe. Their concept: “You get a great tour, and you decide ‘if’ and ‘how much’ you want to tip. No-hassle, no-pressure.”

A few of our Spotted by Locals Sofia Spotters initiated the Free Sofia Tour. We joined their tour last year when we were in Sofia, and were impressed by the enthusiasm, quality and professionalism.

United Europe Free Tours was launched recently, so the various organizations offering free walking tours could exchange information and tips.

Based on the notion that when regular tour-guides get paid regardless of their performance, they might not deliver a top quality tour, these free walking tours are purely based on the local’s love for his or her city and the interest in sharing knowledge with visitors.

“United Europe Free Tour guides do not get paid for their work and are very much aware of the fact that if they do not provide an exceptionally good tour, they get no tips. As a result, free tours promise to be interesting, entertaining, professional and fun.
Its a win-win situation for all.”

United Europe Free tours has listed the following free tours around Europe. An impressive 58 already!

  1. Amsterdam, Netherlands – New Amsterdam Tours
  2. Athens, Greece – Athens Free Walking Tour
  3. Barcelona, Spain – Runner Bean Tours
  4. Barcelona, Spain – B Side Free Tour Barcelona
  5. Bath, UK – The Mayor of Bath’s Corps of Honorary Guides
  6. Belgrade, Serbia – Belgrade Walking Tours
  7. Berlin, Germany – Alternative Berlin Tours
  8. Brasov, Romania – Guided Brasov Free City Tour
  9. Bratislava, Slovakia – Be Free Tours
  10. Brussels, Belgium – Brussels Greeters
  11. Brussels, Belgium – New Brussels Free Tour
  12. Bucharest, Romania – Guided Bucharest
  13. Budapest, Hungary – Free Budapest Walking Tours
  14. Budapest, Hungary – Free Budapest Tours
  15. Copenhagen, Denmark – New Copenhagen Tours
  16. Dublin, Ireland – Pat Liddy’s Walking Tours
  17. Dublin, Ireland – New Dublin Tours
  18. Edinburgh, Scotland – New Edinburgh Tours
  19. Florence, Italy – New Florence Free Tour
  20. Hamburg, Germany – New Hamburg Tours
  21. Istanbul, Turkey – Istanbul Free Tour
  22. Istanbul, Turkey – Free Walking Tours Istanbul
  23. Jerusalem, Israel – New Jerusalem Tours
  24. Krakow, Poland – Free Walking Tour
  25. Lisbon, Portugal – Lisbon Free Tour
  26. London, UK – New London Tours
  27. London, UK – Alternative London Free Tour
  28. Madrid, Spain – My Madrid Free Tour
  29. Madrid, Spain – New Madrid Tours
  30. Milan, Italy – New Milan Free Tour
  31. Moscow, Russia – Free Moscow Tour
  32. Munich, Germany – New Munich Free Tour
  33. Odessa, Ukraine – Free Tours Odessa
  34. Paris, France – City Free Tour
  35. Paris, France – New Paris Tours
  36. Paris, France – Paris Walks
  37. Pisa, Italy – Free Pisa Tour
  38. Plovdiv, Bulgaria – Free Plovdiv Tour
  39. Porto, Portugal – Porto Free Tour
  40. Prague, Czech Republic – Prague Extravaganza Free Tour
  41. Prague, Czech Republic – New Prague Free Tour
  42. Prague, Czech Republic – Royal Walk Free Tour
  43. Riga, Latvia – Yellow Free Tours
  44. Reykjavik, Iceland – Reykjavik Free Walking Tour
  45. Rome, Italy – New Rome Free Tour
  46. Rome, Italy – Rome Free Tour
  47. Saint Petersburg, Russia – Saint Petersburg Free Tour
  48. Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina – Free Sarajevo Walking Tours
  49. Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina – Sarajevo Insider Free Tour
  50. Sevilla, Spain – Sevilla Free Tour
  51. Sofia, Bulgaria – Free Sofia Tour
  52. Stockholm, Sweden – Free Tour Stockholm
  53. Tallinn, Estonia – Yellow Free Tours
  54. Tampere, Finland – Tampere Free Tour
  55. Tel Aviv, Israel – New Tel Aviv Tour
  56. Utrecht, Netherlands – Utrecht Free Tours
  57. Venice, Italy – New Venice Free Tour
  58. Vilnius, Lithuania – Yellow Free Tours

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  3. New free tours in Hamburg, Germany. be sure to not miss if going to Hamburg.

    Posted by Brent Foster | June 2, 2014, 10:03 pm

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