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Green Path Transfers launches global eco-friendly airport transfer service of local operators

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The word of mouth is encouraging: More and more travellers are being responsible. Ever greater numbers are taking seriously the importance of hitting the road with more than just pure business or pleasure in mind. They may not think of themselves as fitting cleanly into some of the niche tourism categories – ecotourism, sustainable travel, responsible travel, local travel, voluntourism – but the mindful choices they’re making are meaningful.

Fittingly, the industry has been slow to respond. While some noteworthy players have certainly already been squirrelling away at championing best practices for a while, others are only now finally feeling the strength of the new winds and belatedly taking action.

Some sectors have, however, been even slower than others. One of them – in which there appears to be a need for a global steward – is airport and intercity transfers. You know, ground transportation. What you need when you land at an airport and want to get to town – often your very first introduction to a place – or what you may desire when you’re ready to travel between destinations and don’t wish to rely on public transport.

Into this breach has stepped Green Path Transfers (GPT), which launched today as a global provider of eco-friendly airport and intercity transfers. The newest subsidiary of the WHL Group, GPT answers the needs of leisure and business travellers seeking cost-effective ways to reduce their carbon footprints. Through GPT’s straightforward online booking system, travellers and businesses can now hit the road confident that, for rates equal to those of other global providers, their transfers are in good hands and that they’ve made a beneficial earth-conscious choice.

Powering a Green Engine
In keeping with a vision to help build a sustainable and responsible travel industry, GPT is on a mission to go green. In contrast to other global transfer-service providers, some with green leanings, GPT has taken a novel approach to building its network of quality local operators.

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2 Responses to “Green Path Transfers launches global eco-friendly airport transfer service of local operators”

  1. It is a good move by Green path transfers.It will help to reduce environmental population in the world.

    Posted by Airport transfers | November 1, 2012, 10:47 am
  2. It is good move by green path tnasfers.it will help to reduce the maximum environment population in all the world.

    Posted by Coach charter Sydney | June 19, 2013, 10:08 am

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